Education Services

Urban Education uses active learning to help a variety of groups to better understand what poverty looks like, the challenges that people in poverty face, the resources available to those in poverty, personal privilege, and how they can work to inspire hope, transform lives, and end poverty. We offer a flexible program that seeks to find the best educational fit for your group.

  • Game of Life (2 hours): The Game of Life allows for you to experience what it would be like to live the month as a family living in poverty. How will you budget? Will you be able to afford bus passes to get to work? Or, will you be able to transport your wet laundry home when you cannot afford to dry it? These are just some of the questions that our clients face on a daily basis. Learn how you would answer these questions and care for your family if you were living in poverty. This game helps to grow empathy and understanding while challenging perspectives of what poverty looks like.
  • Walking Tour (1 hour): Denver’s downtown area has an expanse of services for those who are homeless or living in poverty. Rain or shine, we will show you how non-profits in the area are working to transform lives and end poverty.
  •  Penny Game (1 hour): The penny game allows groups to learn about the circumstances surrounding poverty. It encourages groups to grow empathy, while understanding their own privilege.
  • Food Stamp Challenge (1 hour): This challenges groups to find a meal on the amount that an average person on food stamps would have. It helps groups answer questions like how do I have a well balanced meal on a small amount of money or, where do I buy a meal when the nearest grocery store is a mile away. Grow empathy by understanding the daily struggle that someone living off of food stamps would have.
  • Speakers (1 hour): What does homelessness look like? Come and hear the story of someone who is currently experiencing homelessness, or who has recently transition into stable housing. Challenge your perspective and learn what it is like to be homeless in Denver, the circumstances surrounding homelessness, and how our speakers have worked to transform their lives.