About Urban Education

“Today’s Needs Tomorrow’s Hope”
We Are Tomorrows Hope

Denver Urban Matters is an advocate, educator, and trusted provider of basic human and employment services to vulnerable families in greater Denver. We inspire hope, transform lives and work to end poverty.

Denver Urban Matters is a Denver, Colorado non-profit where for over 30 years our commitment to service and advocacy has improved the lives of countless individuals through providing them with basic human services and hope. DenUM is not only committed to service and advocacy through our food pantry and employment services but to education.  The Urban Education program is the largest independently run program in Colorado, which finds its roots in both DenUM and in the Urban Servant Corps, a yearlong ELCA volunteer program. Urban Education and the Urban Plunge programs are committed to serving and investing in our community. We educate people in all walks of life from elementary to adults, youth groups, schools, colleges, and businesses while instilling in them a sense that they have the power to make a difference in their communities by inspiring hope, transforming lives, and working to end poverty. This is a perfect opportunity for those looking to plan a mission trip or a service learning trip!

We now have a printable Urban Education brochure, take a look! Urban Education Brochure 2016


Meghan LaPorte

Urban Education Manager