Make it Memorable

Check out this list of great activities to include along with your evening reflections so that you can make the most out of  your Urban Plunge time spent in Denver:

  • Keep a journal. Set aside time each evening for individuals to record their thoughts, prayers, and reflections on the day.
  • Create an “Inspiration Chain” out of construction paper. Have every participant write one thing that inspired or challenged them each day. It’s amazing how fast the chain grows!
  • Make a “Meditation Wall” out of construction paper. Hang this inside the church. Participants can record their thoughts, reflections, and prayers for the day on the “Wall.” This is a great way to bring home thoughts and insights to share with all who supported your trip.
  • Write “warm fuzzies.” Have every participant design a mailbox. Throughout the trip encourage members of the group to leave “warm fuzzies” in each other’s mailboxes. Before you leave for home, spend some time reading the words of encouragement, support, and love shared by your group.
  • Cut out hands on colored paper and have members of the group write on five hands different strengths, talents, or skills used during the week. Collect the hands and at the end of the week, after giving them back to their “owner,” have them reflect on particular situations where they used their gifts to serve others. These can be kept as a memento from the trip.
  • Bring a camera to share your experiences when you get home. Encourage group members to take artistic photos of the sights they see. An especially great time to bring a camera is on the Walking Tour, as long as group members are being respectful of the people they encounter.  With these pictures, some groups create memory videos or PowerPoint’s that are set to music. You can also include pre and post-trip interviews from people in your group about their expectations, what they learned, and how the trip impacted their lives. It’s a great way to start discussions and to process the trip visually.