Week-Long Urban Plunge

Come and spend a week learning, serving, and creating hope in the vibrantly multicultural and urban community of Denver on a week Urban Plunge. St. Francis Center and the Urban Education program are committed to the community we serve and are constantly seeking to improve the lives of our clients. We therefore offer an educated and realistic perspective on how to combat poverty.

Our flexible program allows for groups to serve in areas where they feel compelled and to learn about topics that interest them. Week-long Urban Plunges allow for groups to dig deep, to inspire conversations about what poverty looks like, to change attitudes and understandings, and most importantly to love and serve the community of Denver.

Transform your life by becoming an advocate for compassion and justice so that you will be able to better serve your own community. We hope that this will be a starting point in your mission to inspire hope, transform lives, and work to end poverty.

Take the Plunge



Each group’s itinerary is designed based on the day and time of arrival and the length of the stay. A typical week-long Urban Plunge might look like this:


  • Service Sites: The Urban Education Coordinator will meet you at your host church for orientation to the Urban Education Program and to review the week’s itinerary, tour the host church, and give a briefing on the issues of poverty and homelessness in Denver and get your group ready for their plunge.

During the Week

  • Service Sites: A typical day during your week here will include working at a service site. Groups larger than 10 may be split into different work teams during the day and require separate transportation. Usually, what one group does one day, another group will do later. This way all participants get similar experiences. Traveling directions, worksite expectations, and contact information are provided by the Urban Education Manager. Most worksites require groups to bring a sack lunch. Work sites include, but are not limited to: preparing and serving meals for the homeless, sorting and packing donations in a food bank or warehouse, building or improving low-income housing, painting homes, nurturing and tending gardens, playing with children of economically disadvantaged families, and working with individuals with disabilities and the elderly.
  • Urban Education: Time during your week may be set aside for educational activities such as a Downtown Walking Tour or the Game of Life. We also encourage groups to spend time listening to and talking with one of our speakers, who experienced homelessness first hand. Urban Education is a great time for groups to discuss their experiences in Denver and reflect on the bigger social issues. Check out our resources and get started learning about the issues surrounding poverty, even before you come!
  • Free Time and Free Days: Get out and explore all that Denver and Colorado have to offer! Groups might choose to plan activities like eating dinner at a local ethnic restaurant, heading to the mountains, enjoying a Rockies game, shopping at the 16th Street Mall, or taking part in the Denver Hunger Meal. Information is available for possible evening and free-day activities. Not all groups take a free day and other groups prefer to schedule a free day during the week. Whatever you choose, make sure you inform the Urban Education Manager of your plans.